Do you find enough time to do all the things you want to – work, family, friends, hobby, good food, sport, and rest? If you can wholeheartedly answer “yes”, congratulations – you are among the very small percent of population (at least in the busy western society) who have found the secret of a balanced life. However, if your answer is “no” you have found the right place here.


This place is for:

-          Women who know that only if they take care of themselves, they can take care of their families

-          Women who want to balance better their family life with their professional and personal duties

-          Women who want to learn how to control stress and use it for good and not vice versa

-          Women who want to add sport to their day because they want to feel better and happier and not because they think they should do it

-          Women who want to feel better physically and emotionally

-          Women who want to know how to relax and rest well

-          Women who want to learn more about themselves in physical, psychological and emotional aspect


My mission is to help all the women who feel fatigued, stressed out and unhappy with their lives to find balance, improve their physical and psychological condition and feel happy.

Thus, I created a few different programs which can help busy women to achieve their better, calmer, and happier self.


-          The “Let’s Get in Shape” Program will help busy women, who have little free time, to get the maximum out of it as they exercise smart instead of a lot. 

-          The “Let’s Get Some Sleep” Program is for those you have problems with sleep and need some advice on how to improve it and fight fatigue better.

-          The “Don’t Fight Stress, Use It” Program is created to show a useful side of stress and how to use it.

-          And finally, the “Busy Mom” Program is for those moms who struggle to balance raising their kids with work, family life and hardly can get time for themselves. 


If you still don’t find yourself within those programs, you can contact me for an individual consultation to discuss your question or situation. Please contact me for more information. 


I am so pаssionate about helping women achieve their better self - emotionally, physically and psychologicaly.


So, if you know someone that would benefit from the information here please share the website www.ShapeSweetness.com with them! I would be so grateful if you post it on Facebook or even email it to the people you care for! 


Thank you for your support! It means a lot to me! 





If you feel good, you look and do good. Choose your good today.