T-Tapp is different from all you have experienced so far. It is way more than a workout – it is an educational system that can make you not only healthier and happier, but will do any workout program or movement that you follow more effective. T-Tapp deosn;t require additional equipment or space. All you need to have is around 3 sq. feet and willingness to do it.


T-Tapp works for everyone, but you need to do it. Every T-Tapp move uses 5 to 7 muscles along with linear alignment and lymphatic function, while other routines use only 1 to 3 muscles. Thus, T-Tapp creates long, lean muscles and at the same time trim the excess fat. While other routines work the body of the muscle, T-Tapp work the muscle at the both ends. Muscle density builds fast and the result is a lean, tight and healthy body because muscles burn fat! But to achieve that you need to be really mindful of your form, body alignment and mind-to-muscle communication. This is the reason why T-Tapp should be done in a quiet place where you can hear your thoughts or your instructor’s tips.


In addition, T-Tapp helps to strengthen joints and create better spinal alignment. Thus really helps to maintain and control weight but most important, it helps to prevent injuries. T-Tapp is not just a workout, it is a physical therapy approach to fitness. It helps your brain to re-connect to your muscle groups and trouble zones so you can easily burn fat in the “hard to reach” or trouble zones – back fat, inner and outer thighs, arms, etc. Best of all, T-Tapp uses left-right brain communication and your mind stays sharp and clear. People often share that their spatial coordination is better with T-Tapp. Other subtle changes include better metabolism, optimized lymphatic function, improved digestion, elimination and assimilation, better sleep and hormonal balance. You need just a few days to see significant changes in your energy level, stress management and better sleep. For many of us T-Tapp is just way of life, not just a workout routine.


And finally, as Teresa says “T-Tapp truly is more than a workout because it helps you find balance – physical balance, hormonal balance, and a greater sense of peace and calm in daily life. T-Tapp was a God-given gift to me and I want to share it with you.”


More information can be found at What Is T-Tapp


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